Adhesives for Molding & Millwork are a vital yet often overlooked facet of a proper crown molding installation. They set the groundwork and are actually the essential foundation that will ultimately determine the quality and longevity for good adhesion of the mouldings to their intended mounting surfaces. However, the appropriate adhesive for installing crown molding is significant, and time and care should be taken to select the correct moulding adhesive, as ordinary construction adhesive is not best suited for this type of purpose. Orac offers a range of adhesives that are specifically suited for the parameter of the given type of molding installation, which includes both common interior installations as well as those intended for use in humid areas, such as external and bathroom or shower applications. Each of the different adhesive formats ensures an extra strong, permanent bond between the mouldings and your walls and ceilings, and can also be used for end to end butt joint adhesion to prevent any future unsightly cracking or pulling apart of the sections. Additionally, Orac adhesives are appropriate for utilization as a filler to hide holes created by installation brads and any incurred indentations. Orac adhesives are available in cartridges and tubs, and because their inherent formulations, any excess adhesive can be readily wiped off as necessitated. Orac adhesives are sold as Orac FDP-500 Decofix Pro, Orac FDP-600 Decofix Pro, Orac FDP-700 Decofix Hydro, Orac FX-200 Orac Fix Extra and Orac FX-210 Orac Fix Extra.
orac crown molding adhesive

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